ABRA Custom Target, 11 x 17 100 Targets per Package 20 Bulls and 2 Sighters Best Edge Scoring


ABRA Sanctioned Targets

PRO-X is specially formulated to soak into metal and create a molecular shield which makes for easy clean up and will dispense harmful carbon and lead deposit build-up, which decreases accuracy in your firearm

Field and Stream Online:

If you would like to know more about bench rest 22's click on the link below, it is a great article from Field and Stream.com.
There is a lot of useful information.

ABRA Rear Mechanical Rest with a new design. Fully Adjustable Windage and Elevation Made in America Same great quality, with a new feature, you no longer have to worry about a left or right hand shooter. The ABRA Rest can be converted for a right or left handed shooter with ease, all in the same rest. The dog-bone on the back will accommodate hunter style stocks as well as edge style stocks. Light Weight and durable 4.8 lbs Product will ship priority flat rate

JNL PRX III Adjustable Tuner

Pro X Conditioner and Bore Cleaner

A New Generation of Competition

 Auto Bench Rest Association‚Äč

ABRA Rear Mechanical Rest

ABRA Rear Mechanical Rest

ABRA Sanctioned Targets

PRO-X Conditioner and Cleaner

Auto Bench Rest Association

ABRA is a sanctioning body for .22lr bench rest competitions and is made up of 4 different class.(Unlimited, Factory, Outlaw Heavy Barrel and Outlaw Lite Barrel.
The matches are shot from a bench at 50 yards and 15 minutes are allowed to shoot a 20 bull target for a maximum score of 200 with 10/22 Rifles.

Set your Tuner with the Purdy Prescription as oultined by Tony Purdy in the 9th Harmonic Measure your exact barrel length from the breech to the muzzle and we will set it for you. Our setting should be within a 1/2 turn in either direction.